Only the French version of the general conditions of access and use (C.G.A.U.) are enforceable. Translations into foreign languages constitute an assistance to the understanding of the system for our visitors.




1.1. MonaBike is a service offered by the Princely Government of Monaco and entrusted to the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco ("CAM").

1.2. MonaBike allows the rental of a bicycle by a user and its return to any bicycle station installed in the dedicated geographical area.

1.3. Cycling and/or parking is not permitted outside the defined geographical area and the map of which is available on the website. The authorized scope of use of MonaBike bicycles is limited to the Principality of Monaco and municipalities equipped with MonaBike stations. 

This may be extended by decision of the Princely Government of Monaco and made available to users on the means of communication made available to them (network map, website, mobile application).  

1.4. The service consists of bicycle stations (station), each with an electronic kiosk (kiosk) and bicycle attachment points (attachment), allowing it to be stored and locked as well as the subscriber's identification.

1.5. MonaBike's contact details:

CAM Headquarters :

2a Boulevard des Moulins 98000, MONACO


Customer welcome:
CAM sales area,
22/24 rue du Gabian,
98000 MONACO

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

MonaBike customer service:
+377 97 70 22 15

+377 97 70 22 22
E-mail: contact@monabike.mc
Website: www.monabike.mc
Mobile application: PBSC MonaBike




2.1. Access to the service by the user is only possible after creating a user account (user account) on the MonaBike website or the PBSC mobile application (Monaco city, MonaBike service) and purchasing an access package. The service offers different access options, detailed in these G.G.A.U.

2.2. Bicycles are then accessible, at each station, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, without interruption, except in cases of force majeure or publication by the competent authorities of a total or partial, temporary or definitive restriction on the use of one or more stations or on cyclist traffic in Monegasque territory. Subscribed or occasional users (hereinafter referred to as the user(s)) will then be informed via the means of communication made available to them (website - mobile application).

2.3. Subject to prior acceptance of these G.G.A.U., the service is open to individuals over 16 years of age, recognizing by their registration that they are fit to ride a bicycle and have no medical contraindications to cycling and riding in urban areas.

2.4. Access to the service is prohibited to any minor under 16 years of age, accompanied or not. The subscription must be made by their legal guardian or under his responsibility. The legal guardian undertakes under these conditions to assume all liability for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the minor as a result of the use of the service.

2.5. The service is open to corporate users, who will verify and enforce all measures of use enforceable against their employees, described in these G.G.A.U.

The legal person remains liable for its employees and undertakes to have insurance covering their damage and liability.

2.6. The user releases the CAM from any liability in the event of an accident directly involving it, one of its employees or any third party who, through its access, has been able to borrow and use a bicycle of any kind, aware of the safety rules, the conditions of access, the physical condition necessary for the use of electric bicycles, and charges the latter with having the insurance coverage necessary for the practice of such activity.




3.1. The subscription to the MonaBike service is divided into an annual subscription package and an occasional access package. 

The product chosen is strictly personal. 


The products offered are: 

For the subscription package 

(Minimum 12-month commitment): 

  • Monthly bicycle subscription
  • Monthly bicycle subscription at preferential rates under conditions 

For the occasional access package

  • Access to the week
  • Access to the day 
  • Access to a route


Subscription packages can be purchased via the website www.monabike.mc or via the PBSC mobile application. 

Occasional access formulas are only accessible via the PBSC mobile application, their use after purchase being immediate. 


3.2 Registration and user account information

3.2.1. Subscription to occasional access 

The subscription to occasional access requires that the user:

1- download and register the dedicated mobile application,

2- complete a registration form by entering your personal information and credit card details. 


The user will then have a user account. He will be able to choose the desired access formula to the service among the three proposed as well as the number of bicycles they wish to rent at the same time. The occasional products offered are immediately available for use. 

The purchase of the "Single Journey" product has a validity period of 10 minutes. The user must therefore release a bicycle within 10 minutes of purchase, otherwise he/she will have to pay for the access without being able to use the service. 

Any other form of occasional access is for immediate use.

The occasional access package includes three products: 

  • access to the week of 7 consecutive days: in this period of time the user can pick up and drop off a bike as many times as he wishes;
  • 24-hour access to the day: during this time the user can pick up and drop off a bike as many times as he/she wishes;
  • or access to the route only: one way from the place where the bike is picked up to the place where the bike is dropped off. 


A right of access to the service will be automatically charged when the product is purchased.

In addition to this right of access, there is the cost of use beyond 30 minutes of use per trip. 

3.2.2. Subscription to a subscription formula

Subscribing to a subscription requires that the user:

1- registers online on the website or mobile application, 

2- complete a registration form by entering your personal information and credit card details. 

The user will then have a user account. He will be able to choose the subscription formula corresponding to his situation. The monthly bicycle pass

It is open to anyone who wishes to have access to the service for a minimum of twelve months.

The subscription is valid for one year (365 days) from the date of purchase and is available immediately.  

Subscription fees will be charged monthly, on the first day of the following month, in addition to the billing for the use of the service. The subscription at a preferential rate  

The user who has an annual paid "CAM bus" subscription regardless of his nationality or place of residence or the user who has a residential or work "parking" subscription (JNO - TO - PO - PU), with the exception of Short Term (CD) and 2 Wheel (2R) subscribers, in use and valid, may subscribe to a monthly bicycle subscription at a preferential rate (minimum 12-month commitment required).

The purchase of this product is made directly by the online user on the website or mobile application and by purchasing it he declares that he fulfils the conditions required to benefit from this preferential rate. 

Regular monitoring is carried out by the administrative services and in the event of fraud, penalties will be applied.


3.2.3. General Terms and Conditions

Once the personal account has been created and registered, the user will be able to log in to it through the application or website. 

The user holding a CAM transport card (contactless card) will be able to register the number of his card (N° of 10 characters) directly on his user account so that it can be detected on the kiosk and the attachments for the purpose of borrowing a bicycle. 

The user's personal account will allow him/her to access information relating to his/her consumption, invoicing and place of borrowing and delivery of the bicycle.



 4.1. The subscriber can choose to automatically renew his subscription by checking the option provided for this purpose in the subscription form.

4.2. The subscription will be renewed with the same credit card used for this payment and at the then applicable rate.

4.3. The effective date of the subscription, automatically renewed, will occur as soon as the previous contract ends. A renewal confirmation email will be sent.

4.4. The subscriber may cancel the automatic renewal at any time by unchecking the option.



 5.1. The price of the service is composed:

1- the cost of the subscription, for subscribed users,

2- an entry fee, the amount of which differs according to the product purchased, for occasional users. For subscribers, no access fee is required.

3- the cost of the duration of use of each bicycle borrowed from a station.

5.2. The time of use of the bicycle is deducted from the time of taking the bicycle (release of the bicycle from its attachment and the time of deposit of the bicycle (deposit of the bicycle in a attachment). In the event of incorrect return of the bicycle, time continues to run and the user remains responsible for it. 

 The use of each bicycle is billed in 30-minute increments, regardless of the subscription formula or the occasional access product purchased, it being specified that the first 

30 minutes are free. 

5.3. All users will pay the price for the use of each bicycle in proportion to the duration. Any period of use of the service that exceeds the first 30 free minutes is charged in full. The cost of use is detailed and specified on the website. 

5.4. Bank guarantee

Any subscription will result in the payment of a bank guarantee, the amount of which is defined in the pricing conditions available on the website and on the mobile application.

5.5. Statement

A survey of the pickup and delivery locations of each user's bicycles is available in the user account on the website or directly on the mobile application. In the event of a claim, the user must provide the corresponding route number in order to identify the places and times when the bicycle is used and returned.

5.6. Rate changes

Rates and prices are detailed on the website and on the mobile application. They may be modified at any time by the organizing authority without notice.

5.7. Sampling conditions

In the event of a failed collection, a reminder email will be sent to the user so that he can update his credit card details. After 3 chess presentations, within a total of 72 hours, access to the service will be suspended until payment is made in the agency.



6.1. The user is limited to a maximum of 24 consecutive hours of use of an electric bicycle, failing which penalties may be applied for late return and/or bicycle considered lost. The user must inform the service if this maximum authorized period of use is exceeded.

6.2. In the event of a dispute about the length of time the customer uses the bike, only the data provided by the MonaBike service's computer server will be valid.

6.3. The service is available within the limit of free bicycles in each station. The subscriber can use the kiosk, website or mobile application to consult available stations, the inventory of electric bicycles and free hang points at nearby stations.




7.1. To access the MonaBike service, two access points are possible: 

  • the website, 
  • the mobile application.
  • the CAM card, Parking-bus and User Parking. 


All customers must open an account, read and accept the conditions of access and use of the service and enter their credit card details (Amex, Visa, Master Card only accepted). 


7.1.1. For the annual subscription "CAM Bus Vélo", "Parking Bus Vélo" or "Parking Vélo": 

The subscriber who meets the conditions, who will have previously obtained a CAM or Parking card, will declare it indicating directly his number (10 characters) on the website or on the mobile application MonaBike, directly in his user space. 

He will therefore be able to access the service thanks to his subscriber card as well as through the mobile application by flashing the QR code of the bike. 

7.1.2. For occasional access: 

Access to the service and the purchase of a product is only possible through the mobile application. 

The user can release a bike through the mobile application by flashing the bike's QR code. 

Weekly Access - 7 Day Pass": payment for the access will be charged to the subscriber's credit card at the time the subscriber submits the completed subscription form. The total amount of paid trips (more than 30 minutes) is charged every 24 hours to the credit card.

The "Access to the day - 24-hour pass": the payment of the access and the paying trips (more than 30 minutes), will be charged to his credit card at the end of the validity period of his subscription.

The "Access to the Single Trip - Single Trip": the payment of the access and the paid trip (more than 30 minutes), will be charged to his credit card at the end of the trip. 

These amounts will be multiplied according to the number of bicycles borrowed simultaneously (up to a maximum of 4 per user). 

7.2. Terms of use of the Service

The details are available on the website and are presented in a tutorial on the mobile application.

7.2.1. To remove a bicycle, the user can identify himself:

  • by presenting his contactless card on the Kiosk which communicates an activation code,
  • or by presenting your contactless card directly on the bike's attachment,
  • or by obtaining an activation code via the mobile application/ website,
  • or by scanning the QR Code present on the bike via the mobile application.


7.2.2. The user has 30 seconds to remove his bike after identification: the light is yellow when the user waits for validation and turns green when the subscriber can remove the bike. Two audible signals are also emitted. Otherwise, the attachment point locks again and the user must repeat the procedure described in point 7.2.1. A 30-second delay is provided to the user to check the condition of the bike and its battery charge. During this period, the user may return the bicycle he considers unsuitable and then borrow another bicycle.

7.2.3. To return the bike, the subscriber must return it to an available attachment point. An audible signal is emitted and a light signal changes to yellow and then green, confirming that the bike has been returned. A red light signal and a long audible signal indicate that the bike is not properly locked. The subscriber must then repeat the operation. A bicycle that is not properly locked remains the responsibility of the subscriber.

7.3. Dysfunctional hanging point

If the light of the attachment point remains red and if the return of the bicycle is made impossible, the subscriber must return the bicycle to another available attachment point.

7.4. No hanging points available

The subscriber receives an additional 15 minutes of time credit if no hang points are available in the bike station he or she has chosen. In this case, the subscriber must report it through the mobile application by selecting the station in question or directly on the Kiosk. The customer will not be charged for this service.

7.5. Following uses

The service can only be used for another period of time after a waiting time of 1 minute after returning the bike to the hanging point.

7.6. Loss or damage to the access card

An access card lost or rendered unusable by the subscriber may be replaced at the subscriber's request by going to the CAM Store and obtaining a paid duplicate.

7.7. Ownership and transfer of the access card

The subscriber's access card remains the property of the operator and is not transferable to anyone in any way.



 8.1. The subscriber user can only borrow one bike at a time.

The occasional user can select, when purchasing a product, a number of bicycles ranging from 1 to 4.

8.2. As soon as the user borrows a bicycle from one of the stations, he becomes its guardian and must do everything possible to return it in good condition. He will respect the equipment and use it in an appropriate way.

8.3. The user must attach the bike to the lock system at all stops outside the stations.

8.4. He undertakes to return the bicycle at any time, at the request of the CAM or its representatives.

8.5. In the event of the disappearance of the bicycle for which he is responsible, the user has the obligation (1) to report this disappearance to customer service within 24 hours of the occurrence of the event and (2) within 48 hours, to file a complaint with the police in the event of theft. The bicycle remains under its full and entire responsibility until a copy of the complaint or declaration of theft is sent to the operator. In the event of an accident and/or incident, in particular a mechanical one, involving the bicycle, the user must report the facts within 12 hours to customer service at the latest. However, the bicycle remains under his responsibility, either until it is properly locked to a station attachment or until it is handed over personally to a service representative.

8.6. He must modify his contact details, name, address, email, bank details in case of change. Failing this, the addresses declared at the time of registration or the last address provided will be the one retained as valid. Any rejection of a direct debit, due to an undeclared bank change, will result in the immediate suspension of the subscription, in addition to any penalties due.




9.1. Any use of bicycles for commercial purposes (logistics transport, freight transport, delivery,...) is prohibited.

9.2. It is forbidden to lend, rent or transfer access to the service. He must be the only driver.

9.3. Cycling or parking is not permitted outside the authorized geographical area.

9.4. The user is authorized to use the bicycle under the terms of these G.G.A.U. as long as he makes reasonable use of it, which excludes in particular:

  • any use contrary to the provisions of the applicable traffic regulations;
  • any use on land or in conditions likely to damage the bicycle;
  • the transport of any passenger in any way whatsoever;
  • any use of the bicycle that could endanger the user or third parties;
  • any disassembly or attempted disassembly, modification or repair of all or part of the bicycle.


9.5. The bicycle cannot support a total load exceeding 120 kg. The basket cannot support more than 8 kg.

9.6. As the bicycle is placed under the responsibility of the user, the latter undertakes to carry out, prior to the actual use of the removed bicycle, a basic check of its main apparent functional elements, in particular and not exclusively: the proper fixing of the saddle, pedals, the proper functioning of the bell, brakes and lighting, the general good condition of the frame and tyres.

9.7. It is also recommended that the user adapt his braking distance in case of rain; adjust the height of the saddle according to its morphology; and wear a bicycle helmet for safety reasons.




10.1. The user or his legal representative (subscriber legal entity or legal guardian of a minor user) is solely and exclusively liable for damage caused by the use of the bicycle throughout its use, including when it exceeds the continuous maximum authorized use period (> 24 hours).

10.2. The user releases the CAM from any liability arising from the use of the bicycle provided, in particular in the event of accidents and damage of any kind caused to third parties, to himself and to any goods transported. Damage caused to others will be covered by his civil liability insurance. The MBF can under no circumstances be held liable. 

The parents or legal representatives of any minor user of the service shall be held liable for any material and/or physical damage caused directly or indirectly by the minor as a result of the use of the service to him or to a third party. 

The CAM is not liable for damage caused to users or by users who do not meet the minimum age or capacity requirements for electric cycling in urban areas. 

10.3. The user declares that he/she is able to use a bicycle and has the appropriate physical condition for this use.

10.4. The user acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for compliance with the regulations applicable to bicycle traffic.

10.5. The user declares that all the information concerning him/her is accurate, in particular that he/she meets the conditions required by these G.G.A.U.




11.1. At the beginning of each period of use, the customer authorizes the CAM in advance to charge the credit card for the total amount of the deposit defined in point 5.4 in the cases and under the conditions detailed and exhaustively listed below:

  • failure to return the bicycle after the 24 hours of maximum authorized use of the service;
  • damage to the bicycle by itself or a third party during the rental period;
  • fraudulent use;
  • loss or theft.


11.2. The penalty for delay in returning a bicycle beyond the maximum authorized duration is €300. It will be automatically deducted from the bank account and, if applicable, from the deposit.

11.3. In the event of damage and in the event that the damage suffered exceeds the amount of the deposit, the amount of any additional repairs shall be borne by the customer. The user will be required to pay the repair invoice.

11.4. In the event of disappearance and/or theft noted by the services, beyond the maximum authorized period of use of 24 hours and in the absence of any explanation from the user, a penalty of €2,500 for a bicycle will be applied and claimed. After receipt of the amount and in the event that the bicycle is found within 15 days, the CAM will refund any excess amount collected after checking the damage noted and the estimated amount.

11.5. In the event of impossibility of direct debit or in the event of bank opposition, the user will receive an invoice. In the absence of payment, after two written reminders, the MBF may initiate any collection procedure and immediately terminate the subscription or the products in use.



The MBF undertakes to comply with the regulations in force concerning the processing and storage of personal and confidential data, in particular Law No. 1.165 of 23 December 1993 on the protection of personal information. In accordance with the regulations, the customer has the right to access and rectify information concerning him/her by writing to the CAM's head office.




The user hereby undertakes to comply with the T&Cs. He understands and accepts that the violation of the T&Cs may result in the cancellation of these commitments. No rights or privileges arising from these G.G.A.U. are transferable to anyone in any way whatsoever.



14.1. The annual subscription has a minimum commitment period of 12 months. Any request for termination during the year obliges the user to pay for the service until the end of the commitment period. Beyond that, after renewal of his annual subscription, the customer may terminate his subscription without charge or penalty by sending a written notice to the CAM before the 15th of the month preceding expressing his wish to unsubscribe from the service.

14.2. The subscription is automatically terminated by the MBF, in the event of non-compliant use, without right to compensation.

14.3. The CAM undertakes to inform users 30 days in advance of any complete discontinuation of the service, change of service provider or transfer of the service to another concessionaire company, thus requiring the termination of subscriptions and the closure of user accounts.

14.4. Termination shall in all cases result in the deactivation of the terms and conditions of access to the service.

14.5. No refund will be granted in the event of termination of the subscription during its validity period. Any month started remains due and will be invoiced.

14.6. Any user of the mobile application and website can request to unsubscribe and delete their account. Similarly, a user can request the destruction of his personal CAM card.

14.7. The MBF reserves the right to suspend the customer's rights in the event of difficulties with direct debiting and to terminate the subscription in the event of non-compliance with these T&Cs.



15.1. Users of the service will be systematically informed of any changes to these T&Cs 3 months in advance, by e-mail. They will be asked to validate the latest version via the website or mobile application. In case of refusal, the subscription will be cancelled or the offers inactive. This does not include any non-substantial modification of these conditions, such as addresses and contact details, as well as any information and non-commitment provisions of the parties. A simple information will be provided to users directly online on the website. The latest version of the T&Cs is published on the MonaBike website as well as on the mobile application.

15.2. Rates and penalty rates are available on the website. The evolution of these prices will be the subject of information. These changes do not entail any modification of these T&Cs which will remain in force.



The customer may make a complaint within three months of the date of the facts on which he makes his complaint. These G.G.A.U. are subject to Monegasque law. Any dispute relating to their execution and consequences shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in the Principality of Monaco to which the parties expressly attribute jurisdiction, including in the event of summary proceedings, warranty claims or multiple defendants. Any complaint must be sent to the CAM's head office.