Occasional access 1 month


Are you on work experience and your job requires you to travel regularly within the Principality? Are you on holiday in Monaco and want to make the most of it in an environmentally-friendly and simplified way using electric bikes? With the Monthly Pass, you'll have access to the service for one month. During this time, you can pick up and drop off a bike as often as you like.


To hire a bike for the first time, download the PBSC mobile application and choose the Monthly Pass option. You will then be directed to the account creation form.


To do this


bring a credit card,

enter your surname, first name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address and the number of your CAM card (number in orange on the card) if you have one and would like to use it instead of or in addition to the PBSC application.

You will then be directed to the MERCANET secure payment site to validate your purchase (in this case €18 for monthly access). At the end, press "CONTINUE" to return to the MonaBike page.

Your account will then be successfully created, with confirmation sent by email.




Please note that a deposit of €300 will be required when you purchase the package.


Once the purchase has been made, the product can be used immediately.

To collect your bike, simply scan the QR code of the bike you have chosen or present your pre-registered CAM card at the clip.


At the end of each journey, overrun charges may be applied if you keep the bike for more than 30 minutes. An end-of-trip confirmation email will be sent to you.


For your journeys after the formula has expired, all you have to do is buy this formula again (or another formula of your choice) on the mobile application, or subscribe to the service on the mobile application or directly on the MonaBike website by logging in with your account details. You will no longer need to fill in the form or give your credit card details, as these details will be stored in your online account