The Monaco Bicycle Service, now called MonaBike, is an automated system of electrically assisted bicycle stations, offered by the Princely Government of Monaco and the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco.

This system thus completes the 6 day bus lines, the Bateau-Bus which crosses the port of Hercules and the two night lines. This offer is part of an action policy to reduce greenhouse gases and improve shared mobility and the Principality’s living environment.

Initiated in 2010 and launched commercially in 2013, the self-service electric bicycle system is now reaching maturity with a doubling of the number of stations and a tripling of the number of bicycles and attachments. The new system proposed by the Canadian company PBSC, already present in 32 cities around the world such as Montreal, London, New York or Barcelona, is operational since July 13, 2019.


1 single speed with pedal pressure sensor for a better driving experience and greater simplicity
Propulsion: Up to 25 km/h without noise
Battery: High capacity, with 60 km range

The service is open to subscribers but also to occasional users over 16 years of age.

The Android or iOS application and your credit card are enough to take a bike immediately after opening your account online from your smartphone or the MonaBike website.
Nearly 300 Bikes
35 STATIONS including 3 in Beausoleil (from September)